Update about the Chemical Safety Board

#COVID-19 OSHA Record-keeping and Resource Guide

On March 16, 2021, Eric J. Conn, Micah Smith and Beeta B. Lashkari presented a webinar regarding “Update about the Chemical Safety Board.” For a …

Update about the Chemical Safety Board

Any #OSHA Injury or Illness must be reported electronically, even if it occurs remotely at home.

Office Worker Syndrome

Cumulative Trauma Disorders can lead to disability (back pain, carpal tunnel etc.) #OSHA Log of Injury and Illnesses.

Author: Melanie Loomos

I was a court reporter for 10 years and spent most of my time in very uncomfortable chairs. As a result, I spent years researching seating and submitted two patent applications: "The Carpal Tunnel Chair,” and "The Pillow with Cantilever Supports.," The Buttpillow® has several configurations so you can find the best cushion for your workstation. For example, Gamers need a rearward tilt if they lean back & coders typically need a forward sloping cushion. The Buttpillow® was improved upon as it was determined different embodiments were needed for proper ergonomic positioning depending on the individual sitter. The Patented "Ergonomic Seating Cushion,” was was granted by the USPTO; and was later amended to include an embodiment specifically to help women maintain the natural curve of their lumbar spine during the second and third trimester of pregnancy. An extreme lumbar curve that restricts blood flow to the fetus is the only external risk factor for low birth weight babies. In 2003, I invented Ergosoft™ break reminder software based on OSHAs Ergonomic Standard so people can identify and minimize ergonomic risk factors for the development of sitting-related pain, eye strain, DVT and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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