Malaria & Arthritis but not COVID-19

Hydroxychloroquine can be used to prevent Malaria when traveling:

Hydroxychloroquine can be used for Arthritis; however,

Hydroxychloroquine is too dangerous to use to minimize risk of death from COVID-19.

How does that make sense to anyone unless it is a financial decision?

There are several medications that are FDA approved for depression that have sudden death as a side effect.

Ergonomics at work and home

Poor ergonomic habits can lead to pain and disability whether at work or home. Ergonomic risk factors to avoid include repetition, force, awkward posture, static posture, contact stress, compression, and vibrations. A good ergonomics program has been shown to always be successful if the elements listed are included.

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the science of fitting the job to the worker to reduce risk factors for pain and injury.   

When the requirements of a job exceed the capacity of the worker, work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) can occur. 

People who spend a lot of time driving, social networking, or gaming can also minimize risk factors for the development of musculoskeletal pain and disorders (MSDs).

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